Highly Caffeinated

custom print highly caffeinated new product

The origins of this print go back a decade.

On a vacation in Monterey, we went to Fisherman's Wharf one morning to see sea lions. Naturally we needed coffee to start our day!  We found a cute coffee shop right on the pier.

When we walked in, the cute young male barista asked us what we'd like.

My husband said "I need something tall, dark, and highly caffeinated."

Without missing a beat, the young man replied "I'm tall, dark, and highly caffeinated."

After recovering from my laughing fit, we enjoyed an amazing coffee and an incredible day in Monterey. We've laughed over his not-so-subtle comment dozens of times since, and I knew it would end up in my art someday :D. 

The HIGHLY CAFFEINATED prints can be customized with 2 descriptive words of  your choice, and you can select the background color and wording color too. What a fantastic gift for the coffee lover in your life!

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